The World Sports 365 program is aimed at stadium operators, sports complexes, and just about any sport field operator that needs to ensure high quality grass sports fields.  Under the program, World Sport’s expert team of agronomists and sports turf managers have 24/7 access to your field data and proactively work with your grounds maintenance team remotely to ensure your sports fields are maintained.  Your facility receives expert field turf management, for a fraction of the price it would cost to hire a full-time agronomist.


The ground crew measures 25 points per field (80,000 sq. ft), using the latest PogoPro or PogoPro+ technology.  This device is provided to you as part of the program.

The GPS coordinates of each measurement, which include (1) Moisture; (2) Salinity (EC); (3) Canopy Temperature; (4) Soil Temperature; and (5) Salinity Index, are automatically recorded using an Smart Phone App (IPhone or Android).  Additional measurements can also be manually made by the ground crew, including penetrometer measurements, color, disease, density or any other factors that may be important, including photos and notes.

These measurements are then automatically uploaded to Cloud Servers via the Internet and instantly available to the World Sports team and your Field Managers.  The measurements are then analyzed against standards appropriate for your field (grass type, soil, location, etc.).  Each measurement becomes part of a visual map of the field(s), which is automatically generated, giving the Team a detailed visual understanding of field conditions as frequently as measurements are taken.

The World Sports team of experts then provide your field maintenance team with definitive plans, strategies and advice by phone and/or email.