Best turf Technology for 2014 FIFA World Cup

As one of the main suppliers of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil World Sports was responsible to deliver the main turf specifications from the FIFA turf specs.

World Sports team delivered the artificial light systems from SGL to several of the stadiums and was also responsible to deliver Sub Air systems with Vacuum drainage and also the 2 main turf reinforcement systems: Desso Grass Master and FibreSand.

The logistics was tremendous with all the stadiums being built at the same time but our team showed 100% commitment and dedication to deliver the systems on time.

World Sports was the responsible to design and construction of the sports filed at the stadiums in São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Natal, Cuiabá and also work in partnership on the host cities of Salvador, Belo Horizonte and Fortaleza.

Besides the main pitches the company was also responsible for several of the oficial training centers used by the national delegations.

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