FIFA 1st Brazil's Legacy project is completed in Belem.

The Youth Sports Center (Ceju), located near Para Olympic Stadium, Mangueirão, is now complete and approved by FIFA. World Sports is a sub contractor of the world famous player in the industry, Field Turf , and the project is part of the “social legacy of the World Cup 2014″, in order to provide quality training facilities for children and adolescents.

There are four fields in Ceju: three composed of artificial turf and one of natural turf, all following the FIFA standard used in the 2014 World Cup stadiums. “The fields here are made from eight thousand square meters of Esmeralda natural grass, from right here in Pará, and 23,000 meters of synthetic grass, which is applied with a proprietary process developed by our company”, said André Ostermayer, manager of World Sports Turf Division.

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